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Tenerife News wishes for it´s readers and clients a very happy Christmas and very happy New Year.

Please note that the offices of Tenerife News will be closed from 17th until 28th of December.

Wandering Scot sparks full emergency alert

The disappearance of a Scotsman who went missing in a remote corner of Tenerife signalled the start of a huge rescue operation involving a helicopter, firefighters, the Guardia Civil and the municipal police throughout the night of December 11.  more …

APC accuses RTV Canarias of censorship

On the last Saturday in November, the twenty-seventh, a really stupendous demonstration took place in the streets and squares of Tenerife’s capital, Santa Cruz. Our reporters looked in vain through…  more …

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A balmy winter wonderland

People in the north of Tenerife woke up to a fine sight on December 13 when the first winter snows dusted the summit of Mount Teide. It wasn’t a big fall and certainly not enough to even think about getting the toboggans and snowboards out yet, but hopes remain high for an even whiter mountain by Christmas. Over in La Palma, on the other hand, the police reported the mountain road up to the Roque de Los Muchachos Observatory was closed to traffic by ice and snow.   more …

The rise and rise of Los Rodeos
New direction for Orotava mayor
Letting off steam

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Hoist with their own petard

So many unpleasant, perhaps it would not be going too far to call cataclysmic events have happened in the last ten or so days that it is difficult to know where to begin. The mention in my heading of the petard refers to a noisome little affair started by José Bono, Minister of Defence. He leaked some information to the newspaper El País, with the conviction, one assumes, that what it contained would embarrass his predecessor in the post, Federico Trillo.  more …

Too many mouths to feed?
Hard cheese for the Polanco press; Bush won after all
The Government loses its head and the vote

Death (in Holland) and fraud (in London)

Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands – To most people of his generation, the death on 2 December of Prince Bernhard, following that of his queen last March, left Dutch people with mixed feelings. Most Europeans will remember him being always beautifully dressed, mostly in good cheer, able in business matters, a fine athlete when young. This is really all Europeans knew about Bernhard until the decade of the Seventies, in which his name was loudly enveloped in scandal.  more …

A question: when is a soldier a soldier, and when is he a murderer?
Hypocrisy at EU level
Ankara will not be left out in the cold, but will Turkey benefit from EU warmth?

The Ukraine could push us back towards the Cold War

Dateline: 2 December, 2004 – The upheavals in the Ukraine have many roots but one of them undoubtedly is the lack of a well thought out long term attitude by the Western powers to post Cold War Russia. Since the days of Mikhail Gorbachev, the last president of the Soviet Union, both Europe and the U.S. have failed to be clear either to themselves or to the outside world what exactly they wanted beyond an end to communism.  more …

History does not justify either Israel or Palestine
Both Bush and Kerry want to ratify the Law of the Sea treaty this month
China is forgotten in the U.S. presidential contest

New UK Pension Bill – No amendment to change annuity rule

After much debate and to-ing and fro-ing between the House of Commons and House of Lords, the UK’s Pension Bill was finally passed by the House of Lords on 19 November. Regrettably, the hoped-for eleventh hour amendment on annuities, however, did not make it into the Bill, despite earlier indications that it may.  In the end the Government won the battle.  more …

FTSE on a high… Dollar on a low… and the Euro on hold… what next?
Bush v. Kerry – The markets view
UK Equities: FTSE could pass 5,000 mark by end of year

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